July 2016 Update

Here is a brief summary of this release:

  • New Price List
  • New Reporting Module
  • Updated User Interface
  • Custom fields for Order Item
  • Multiple suppliers for the Item

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Previous releases

New Price List

The new SalesAttach pricing module will allow you to set up a bigger variety of pricing combinations; from the classic 3-tier pricing to more complex scenarios involving particular Products, Customers or groups.

New Reporting Module

The updated reporting module will allow you to work with Orders and Invoices imported into SalesAttach externally, for example from the integrated accounting software. This makes SalesAttach a centralised analytical tool, giving a consolidated insight view on your business. Our technical partners can also dig into SalesAttach data storage and create custom reports.

Updated User Interface

Since the last upgrade, we've significantly changed user interface. Now it's much more "tablet" friendly.

Custom fields for Order Item

Now it is possible to define business specific additional information not only against Orders or Products but also against Order Items.

Multiple suppliers for the Item

Now Products may have different code references for different Suppliers.